Caveman To Team Member

We come from a lineage of humans who behaved as their instincts directed.

Now, we’re entrusted to be the face of our brand, satisfy customers and management, manage large operations, co-operate and do the right thing – every time.

Our inner primate does not want to sign on the dotted line.
A doorway is left open for us to feel opposing emotions to the enthusiastic submission often expected in customer service & the like.

Sometimes, we modify our behaviour, #smileandnod, while condemning the situation in a way no one notices.

This is almost the solution.

Three popular doorways to this primal suffering are archetypal ways of working: The Slave, The Swimmer and The Sloven. Conversely, three archetypal portals: The CEO, The Strategist and The Steward, facilitate the quantum leap from Caveman to Retail Demi-God.

This episode is your physiotherapist.

Nadine Thomas

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