About RDG

Retail Demi-God is a monthly podcast, produced by myself. Retail is a challenging environment- it can bring out the best and worst in us. This makes it the perfect place for personal development. Our ancestors developed skills to survive in the wild. What should we develop our skills for now? Each episode offers insight into ourselves- our animalistic tendency and divine capability-  so we can serve ourselves and our world with finesse and mastery.

I work in the delicatessen at an Australian supermarket. Every shift feels like a test-run of flying to the moon. It’s an XL operation, as far as I’m aware. My career development plan is in place- my goal is the position of Neil Armstrong (Deli Manager). Perhaps I am as far away from achieving my goal as you are of yours (are you far away too??). If you look at us sideways and upside down, it’s hard to tell who’s who.

Retail Demi-God is for me and you.

Nadine Thomas

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